What is creativity?

“Do it” Seth Godin

“Everything rests on the how”  Josep María Esquirol

“Ideas on paper are nothing, they are consecrated” Toni Segarra

“You are an explorer. Proceed as such” Keri Smith

“It’s the search that counts, not the discovery” Mihály Csikszentmihaly

“Go on whatever it takes in order to do what you like. It’s not easy. I don’t believe in easy things. Call it what you like. In the end, life is work” Fernando Abellanas

“To create is to run the risk” Monica Lenz

“If I had waited to know who I was and what I wanted to achieve before I became creative, I would still be sitting there, trying to picture myself instead of doing things. In my experience, it is the act of doing things and getting work done that helps us understand who we are. Are you ready. Get to work” Austin Kleon

“If you only see one solution to the problem … you haven’t understood the problem” John Maeda

“A lot of the work I do with some organizations consists in showing that intelligence and creativity go hand in hand. I am convinced that you cannot be creative and not act intelligently. In the same way, the highest form of intelligence consists in thinking creatively” Sir Ken Robinson

“Why do we spend so much time creating things for those who have so much? Why not put it at the service of ideas that generate well-being without reducing the consumption of resources? ” Tim Brown

“All companies say they need creative people able think for themselves, but this statement does not refer only to the business world. It means that they are looking for people whose life has an objective and a meaning inside and outside of work” Sir Ken Robinson

“Creativity includes two processes: thinking and producing. If you have ideas but don’t do anything with them you are imaginative, but not creative” Linda Neuman

“All good artists understand that nothing comes from a void. All creative work is based on what preceded it. Nothing is completely original (…) some people find this idea depressing, but it fills me with hope” Austin Kleon

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work” Emile Zola

“It is impossible to develop any creative process without going through chaos: when everything is in order, there is no need to create anything else” Juan Pastor Bustamante