Frills and Flourishes

Have you ever seen ivy growing on the wall, planted lentils in a glass jar and do you still remember the itching of the lawn on summer nights?

Are you a little stove with thyme on the balcony, someone passionate about vertical gardens, palm trees in the snow and the fuchsia flower of the bougainvillea in summer?

Are you the clever one who knows that Poinsettia is the red leaved plant you see at Christmas, the romantic one who was caught out with a plastic one, the girl who dries flower petals so as not to forget that uncertainty is a noun close to freedom?

I do not know  the reasons why people buy or give flowers but the history of our humanity is full of “green, I love you green”. From Adam and Eve and their Garden of Eden to the sunflowers of Van Gogh, “Dos Gardenias” and that love for the #monstera that floods Instagram today, flowers and plants are always with us.

In the Tour de France and in the Olympics, when you say “I do” and in the final farewell, in hairdos, restaurants and shirts, crafts, green shoots in politics and in the plastic roses that someone tries to sell you while you’re having a chicken curry with your favourite person.

“If you want to be happy for an hour, drink a glass of wine; if you want to be happy for a day, get married; if you want to be happy all your life, become a gardener, “says the Chinese proverb I found in “Jardinosofía”.

Photograph: Denia, August 2018