“Distraction forms part of the moment when the spark appears”.
Andrea KÖhler


Ideas flow in the sands of time. For a moment that seemed to be hidden, intuition grows stronger than a castle.

Procrastination threatens, but desire is greater. "Be water, my friend." In the gentle movement of a head that learnt to create with the body, the sound of something new breaks through the waves.

Do you hear the sea announcing the end of the wait? In this ocean of cola cans and coral sands, playing is also a way of progressing.

Nº1 J.P Guilford's test, adapted' "J.P Guilford's test, adapted"

Brick, paperclip or toothpick, awaken your divergent thinking.

Nº2 Lost in translation Lost in translation

What do these two images have in common?

Nº3 50 metres 50 metres

What is the most interesting thing that you saw today?


Now you can live with your head in the clouds ... or lie down and watch them.

Nº5 Striped STRIPED

If you travel to the past, you will lose the corset and a great battle. Who are we talking about?

Nº6 time is of the essence

How to transform an ordinary rose into a single flower?


A hundred logos versus ten varieties of plants